Elk Lake Resort
Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime this kind of opportunity comes along. A property so unique, a location so pristine, a setting so untouched by time as to make one wonder if it could possibly be real. Elk Lake Resort has been dubbed, A Mile From Heaven. The only question guests ever ask is: Which side?

In the lower 48 states, one would be hard pressed, indeed, to find a property located in a more pristine setting. In fact, there are few, if any locations which can compare to Montana's Centennial Valley when it comes to unadulterated beauty.

Escaping the hands of time and progress are difficult. However, when the Federal Government stepped into the valley in the early 1930's, they created just such a climate in the Centennial. With a 50,000 acre plus wildlife refuge at its heart, a few large ranches on its perimeter, and handful of private in-holdings scattered across its face, Montana's Centennial Valley is one of the last places a person can actually experience nature - up close, personally, and privately.

Tucked in its own private valley on the north-east end of the Centennial, Elk Lake Resort offers the only commercial lodging / bar / restaurant combination in the area. Thus, not only is the location completely unique, the opportunities are endless.

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